What Is FrostForecast?

FrostForecast is an intelligent agricultural tool for farmers and growers that provides early frost forecast alerts, allowing the application of timely and efficient mitigation measures to protect your crops.

The FrostForecast system captures weather datafrom your farm, stores and processes the data in a cloud-based platform, and predicts frost occurrence using weather data from the field and other external sources.


FrostForecast uses Artificial Intelligence technologies, internet of things and cloud services.


FrostForecast will help you make informed frost control decisions.


Get early alerts on frost events

Our machine learning model uses data from multiple sources to predict frost events and generate early alerts.

Improve decision-making for frost prevention

We help agricultural producers and growers make informed decisions on active frost control.

Know what is happening in the field

Our sensors are deployed across your farmland to provide localized climate information in real time.

The assistance you need to apply mitigation measures in time to protect your property from frost.

How does it work?

We deploy a wireless network of sensors to your field. The network is connected through a gateway to our cloud platform. We monitor climate data from sensors and from both global and local sources. When frost conditions are predicted, FrostForecast sends early frost alerts so you can protect your crops by making informed decisions and taking timely frost control actions onsite.

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